A.I. Tech is damn overwhelming at the moment.

So, we(Some cool students from the WKW School, and myself) are organising an unstructured A.I. Jam!

Jammers (creatives/journalists/humans) will gather to try out different available tools out to solve different problems.

This is not an instructional workshop. So, no teachers here, just learners.

Just come with:
- some problem you’d like to solve,
- A.I. tech/website that you’d like to tinker with 
- a lot of curiousity
- your laptop 

Some things that we could try:

Sign up here (We’ll then gather into a telegram group for more details, like what to eat for lunch, complain that NTU is far away, etc):

Date: 28 Feb, Tuesday
Location: Media Colab Room, WKWSCI, NTU
Time: 1000hrs-1500hrs