Our family holiday onboard a cruise ship turned into a nightmare. After a two-day tour of different ICUs in Malaysia, a harrowing four-hour ambulance ride brought us back to Singapore -- to start the final battle for her life.

Mummy had pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that ate at her lungs.

On bad days, she would have to don a BiPAP ventilation mask, which forced air into her. Its prolonged use gave her sores on her nose, and a bald patch on her head. 

During 'good days', she insisted on having physio sessions to help her regain strength in her legs. 

Over the course of two months, her relatives built a fort of care around her: 
- Coffee, soft-boiled eggs and jam on toast in the morning.
- Massages from Auntie Jane in the evening
- Bird's nest soup from Auntie Mary on weekends
- Amazing Saturday parties ~ where more than 20 relatives would surround her. We even brought flags on National Day.

Then, she stopped waking up. And on her last night, she breathed her one final difficult breath.